Andrew was born in Solihill, England, in 1951. He began his architectural studies at Edinburgh University and then moved to Architectural Association in London where his tutors included among others Rick Mather, Sue Rogers, Alan Colquhoun and Rem Koolhas. In 1976 he set up the practice of Goodenough + Crump in Fulham and spent three years working mainly on residential and studio conversions.

In 1979 he decided to take some time out and sailed across the Atlantic, landing in Antigua in 1980. Having spent a year cruising Haiti, he returned to Antigua and slowly established his own practice. In 1983, he was commissioned to undertake an expansion project for Curtain Bluff Hotel and overnight five young Antiguan Draughtsmen, three of whom are still with the practice which now numbers twelve.

The main focus of the practice is residential and resort work.

Andrew Goodenough and staff.